Remote Access

Remote Desktop software allows you to view the screen of another computer and control it remotely. In this way you can log on to your office computer from home, and view your office desktop and access all your files as if you were using your actual office computer. This can open up all sorts of possibilities if you have multiple office locations or have staff working from home or travelling frequently.

Since it is possible to control other computers remotely from your own computer, it negates the need to have multiple computers in the first place. If a typical small office has 8 desktop computers and a server to share content, using the latest Remote Desktop software those 8 desktops could be replaced with 8 Thin Client computers (basically consisting only of a screen and keyboard). The user would still see their recognisable desktop and programs, but they would actually be viewing their profile which is stored on the server rather than their local computer. This can cut down on your hardware requirements, saving you money.

Examples include logmein or even (free) VNC.

Remote Access can be secured with a VPN Tunnel to ensure the information is transmitted securely.

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