Fire Walls

A firewall is an essential part of your online security. It monitors both inbound and outbound traffic, blocking any unauthorised requests. This keeps your business network and intranet secure from the outside world. In the IT world, we call this “risk mitigation” and it is paramount to any business, large or small.

Unauthorised access to your information is a risk that is often left until last when implementing a new IT system. Such excuses may include “we’re too small for anyone to attack us” or “we keep backups in case we lose our data”.

It is embarrassing to learn you have been attacked and possibly lost important information or worse have the records you keep published on the internet! Simple measures can be put in place to help stop attacks that can result in downtime and potential embarrassment.

Rhythm IT has a tried and tested suite of systems we can recommend, that we back with our professional knowledge meaning we can implement what’s right for you. Call us to discuss.